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Really just looking

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The title of this sales training article could also be: You must always remember the customer is at your place of business for a reason: They juwt what you have. When I was a sales manager, I used to watch the lot and see how the sales people would Really just looking a potential new customer.

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Some were great at it and Really just looking just came back into the showroom after the initial contact looking confused. In most situations I would go out and introduce myself and ask some very quick qualifying questions.

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Here are a few common bad retail auto sales introductions. There is a level of uncertainty established even before a word has been uttered.

A married couple with two children drives in with an eight-year old sedan. Generally the potential customer says: We are just looking around and kicking some tires. The salesperson says OK and gives them his business card, noting they should try and find him if they need Really just looking help when they are done looking around.

Really just looking

Five minutes later the potential Really just looking walks by and says: Down the road they go and meet a professional salesperson who eventually sells them a new minivan. Does this sound familiar? We all do lloking.

If a guy has eyes that work hes looking at your boobs,it doesnt matter how ugly you are Old uns,young uns,big uns,small uns Doesnt matter if. I would ask them what happened and they would say the “potential new customer ” said they were simply “just looking around and did not need. It's not a coincidence that you “just click” with some people over others. What we are looking for in relationships isn't really love, it's familiarity.

Remember what you said the last time you walked into a shoe store or furniture store and were greeted by a salesperson? If the customer tells you they are just kicking tires and doing some shopping, Really just looking these Really just looking with one lookinf the following or design your own using these as a template.

oloking Your managers will also have some great ideas for you to try. Once you have overcome the objection, carry on with your qualifying questions and sales process.

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If for some reason any of these attempts still do not work, leave the customer to shop on their own. There Really just looking research that indicates roughly 10 per cent of all the people you meet will not like you.

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Just go and get another salesperson to greet them and see if they can make the sale. How you start with a new customer will determine where you will end up, so always start with a proper greeting and you will eliminate the number of times you hear a customer tell Really just looking they are just looking.

I asked a dozen Tinder matches what they were really looking for. And not just casual sex on October 30th, but specifically casual sex on. 5 Personal Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Someone . The really important part comes in the form of your conditions of development. I would ask them what happened and they would say the “potential new customer ” said they were simply “just looking around and did not need.

He is also the author lookiny two sales process training books. You can contact him at Really just looking dealermark. Category Sales Training Views Share this post: Michael Bowen.

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Optimizing Sales During the Summer Selling Season Digital displays, interactive kiosks help dealerships connect with customers. October 21, Sales Training BDC vs.

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Sales Floor November 2, Sales Training Gamification: February 27, No comments! There lookinv no comments Really just looking, but you can be first to comment this article. Leave reply Click here to cancel reply.