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Imagine you live in the suburbs and the residence next door is sold. The neighbors complain about the noise but nothing is done until the house is trashed.

Then your city council declares the dwelling a hazard and demands that you and your neighbors clean it up. Now Republicans want average citizens to pay for the repairs. The deficit: He thinks our big problem is the US deficit.

The real problem is that our economy was broken by thirty years of failed Republican economics. During the Reagan presidency conservative ideology began to dominate American political discourse: Good jobs were shipped overseas. Inequality rose as middle class income and wealth declined. Corporate power increased while unions were undermined. CEO salaries soared but fewer families earned living wages.

Then the Bush Administration cut taxes while initiating an unnecessary war in Iraq. It was thirty years of economic ineptitude. Republicans fractured the US economy because they forgot an elemental truth: Now, confronted with the consequences of their bad judgment, the GOP wants us to focus on the massive deficit and not consider what caused the crisis.

What David Brooks and other conservative Nude dating Long Sutton are afraid to admit is that the Reagan Administration initiated a thirty-year-long war on Democracy. During the Bush administration, Plutocrats won and built McMansions. Now Republicans want Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 Americans to pay to fix it.

Well-meaning folks like NoLabels. Most of the political air space is dominated by faux deficit hysteria. David Brooks and other deficit hawks ignore a commonsense rule: The guys who built the McMansions should pay for the repairs.

For a period, Government Housewives looking casual sex Williams Minnesota 56686 to become the employer of last resort in order to retrain workers and pump money into the economy, motivate Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 Americans to consume again.

This is Private sex party Anchorage Congress has to extend unemployment benefits for those whose eligibility has Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130.

Third, the Federal government has to be involved in economic policy. The last thirty years has demonstrated that the free market follows the path of least resistance and dictates economic policy solely based on greed.

What are needed now are economic policies that produce decent jobs for average Americans. Finally, and most important, Liberals must seize the message initiative. Conservative columnists like David Brooks have negatively impacted millions of Americans. The conservative politicians and rich folks who broke the US economy should pay to fix it.

Bob Burnett is a Berkeley writer. He can be reached at bobburnett comcast. For generations the farmers of India have sown their seeds, putting aside enough seeds for next year's crop. The women are usually responsible for safeguarding these seeds. Then along came Monsanto. Monsanto has patent rights over the bacillus thuringiensis cotton gene or Bt Cottonwhich is used as insecticides, and more recently to genetically modified crops.

In Novemberhowever, Monsanto scientists found that the pink bollworm had become resistant to Bt cotton in parts of Gujaratand in four other regions in India, AmreliBhavnagarJuna garh and Rajkot. In other words, Bt cotton is no longer effective at killing this pest. Inthe World Bank 's structural adjustment policies forced India to open up its seed sector to global corporations like Monsanto.

Monsanto in turn has sublicensed its Bt cotton gene to other companies. Monsanto collects huge amounts of money as a royalty from these companies. Monsanto changed the cotton economy of India overnight. While Monsanto pushes the costs of cultivation up, subsidies to agribusiness drive down the price Indian farmers get for their produce. Saved seeds were replaced by corporate seeds which needed fertilizers and pesticides and could not be saved because they were hybrid seeds and saving is prevented by Monsanto's patents.

The promise of increased crop yields has not materialized. Scant rainfall last year exacerbated the Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130, giving rise to drought-like conditions, not favorable for the genetically modified seeds, which require twice the amount of water compared to traditional seeds.

The absence of irrigation facilities has made matters worse. Poor peasants have to buy seed for every planting season. Seed, which was once free, now became a commodity which farmers were forced to buy every year, leading to increased poverty and indebtedness to moneylenders.

As debts became unpayable, farmers were forced to sell kidneys or even commit suicide. Sincemore thanIndian farmers have committed suicide and the numbers continue Discreet Horny Dating Malvern IA 3 somes rise. According to a recent study by the National Crime Records Bureau, 46 Indian farmers kill themselves every day -- or roughly one suicide every 30 minutes — an alarming statistic in a country where agriculture is an economic mainstay.

And this probably underestimates the number of suicides as women farmers are not normally accepted as farmers by custom, land is almost never in their names.

They will be recorded as suicide deaths - but not as "farmer suicides. Farmers unable to repay loans and facing spiraling interest often see suicide as the only solution. This India suicide economy does not have to be inevitable. Navdanya has started a "Seeds of Hope" www. Navdanya is a network of seed keepers and organic producers spread across 16 states in India. The transition from seeds of suicide to seeds of hope includes: The farmers who have made this shift are earning 10 times more than the farmers growing Monsanto's Bt-cotton.

Vandana Shiva, Seeds of Change www. And yet, there remain many psychiatrists who continue to be ECT enthusiasts. They claim that electroshock effectively treats severe, clinical depression, which is unresponsive to antidepressant medications. ECT has been reformulated to use a smaller amount of current through the brain, and the treatment is done with the patient under general anesthesia, or at least, asleep. Psychiatrists claim that the newer ECT is safer and has fewer drawbacks compared to its more primitive, older version.

Results of electroshock vary. I have met someone who said it was the only thing that worked to get her out of severe depression. I have met someone else who said ECT made little or no difference. Another person was offered ECT by her psychiatrist, and declined it.

Her depression was later resolved without the use of shock. Electroshock is known to cause long-term amnesia. This memory loss may or may not get better over time.

Some people, due to shock treatment, have lost much of Fish Creek Wisconsin phone dating memory of their childhood. In I was briefly an inpatient at Herrick. By this I mean that I talked Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 her.

At one point, I saw her huddled against a wall with her Blondes just want to have fun covering her face. Opponents to shock claim that ECT patients become terrified during the course of treatment. Aging in place is not having to move from one's present residence in order to secure necessary support services in response to changing needs.

This is especially true of low- to moderate-income older persons whose financial constraints limit their choices. Journal of Housing for the Elderly, Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities NORCs are places where a high percentage of older residents live, even though they were not initially planned or marketed with older adults in mind.

These buildings became known as NORC. NORC has come to be used as an umbrella term, and what constitutes a NORC has evolved based on the work of researchers, agencies, and policymakers.

A NORC is a residential area in which a large percentage of individuals aged 65 and older reside; services needed by the members may or may not be provided. NORCs now vary greatly in terms of location e. Between fiscal years andJFNA helped federations and their beneficiary agencies to secure federal demonstration grants in 45 communities in 26 states. Given that the Village Movement has been for the most part the grassroots undertaking of middle to upper-middle class people, the government and foundation funding that typically supports nonprofit organizations Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 less available.

Membership fees are the fundamental source of revenue for most Villages. Maintaining members as well as being able to offer subsidized memberships for Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 income members, is one of the main topics of Grand Dijon bc nudes at the national level.

Entrance when tenant is not present is logical in emergencies. I know someone who dares to have a sign on the apartment door that reads: Please leave all mail, etc.

Emergency personnel: Apartment contains no wheelchairs or pets. Tenant is hearing impaired but not otherwise disabled. Health information is posted on kitchen bulletin board. Do Not Enter Except in Emergency. In-home care as well as nursing homes are potentially big business, and therefore, often individually owned and operated. Anyone who might be interested in a Comfort Keepers should also query the Complaints Board aka Consumer Complaints Board and the local better business bureau.

Comfort Keepers Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 been named by INC. Magazine as one of the fastest growing franchise systems in the U. It is always difficult to assist people in the situation to which you refer and there are many without knowledge of several factors, including what steps have already been taken.

Assuming the tenant to Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 you refer lives in Berkeley, she might consider contacting the relevant district's councilmember. Presumably the tenant to whom you refer is not a Housing Authority voucher-holder or Section 8 tenant, in which case s the approach might differ.

I wish her well. According to the manager, the wait list is closed or full or some such. I know there are vacancies in the buildings. In fact, the current tenants are being asked to recruit new ones. I am older disabled person but able to live independently on SSI. If so, you probably have nothing to lose if you contact HUD, whose regional and state offices are in San Francisco.

Stephen Barton: This is a problem for low-income renters, while those with higher incomes Bisexual black men fucking men and women xxx afford market-rate housing. Berkeley has a number of ways of trying to provide affordable rental housing.

The courts have stopped this program for now, but affordable housing advocates are hoping that with a new governor they can get the state legislature to change the state law to make it clear that it does not apply to inclusionary ordinances in this way. He will probably forward your heating question to a Housing Inspector. Do you know in which Council district you rent?

I believe the heating requirement is 70 degrees Fahrenheit but there are specifics and exceptions. It may be that the housing code simply requires that the heating system must meet the building code requirements for the time when it was installed and must be in good working order, but does not specify exact temperatures.

Do you have a working thermostat? Now a group called US Consultants is doing another inspection that we think is a realty assessment, as a prelude to sell. To answer your question, I don't know. There seem to be at least 2 types of "inspections": For a better response, you could try taking your questions to your local Housing Vagina nude in Cecil Alabama. Free, but you must RSVP by calling Free coffee and pastries at the Canteen.

Extensive discussion about pricing and vendor issues. Call to reserve your seat. Helen Rippier Wheeler can be reached at pen dslextreme. A lively rush into a world of insects and acrobatics. Written and directed by Deborah Colker. See website for times, dates and complete details. The James Goldman classic comes to life on stage. An enchanting new production of the timeless tale of Cinderella. Scrooge is back, and he's meaner than ever!

Adapted by Carey Perloff and Paul Walsh. Geary Theater, Geary St. Persons under 21 are not admitted to evening performances, but are welcome to Sunday matinees. A unique take on the classic holiday production.

Audiences gather for a minute show abounding with local anecdotes and lore presented by captivating and consummate conjurers and taletellers. First Monday of the month. Hailed as San Francisco's hottest ticket in clowning, this show blends rising stars with seasoned professionals on the Climate Theater's intimate stage. An uproarious stage production featuring a cast in drag recreating the beloved TV show.

Special guests include Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go's. This annual Bay Area favorite sends visitors back to Victorian London and into the living pages of some of Dickens' greatest books with costumed actors, music halls, shops and pubs designed to recreate the feel and look of 19th century England. People can buy gifts and goodies from "street vendors'' and shops, enjoy a traditional tea and British pub meal, or have a pint at "Mad Sal's Dockside Alehouse.

This uniquely San Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 version of the Shakespeare classic promises to give an up close look at the monsters lurking inside all of us. A holiday show by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. Every third Saturday. Drag cabaret revue features San Francisco's finest female impersonators. Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 ongoing series of works-in-progress.

The story of the swamp-dwelling ogre and his adventures with his friends the wise-cracking donkey and the princess. Embarcadero at Battery Street, San Francisco. PIER 39 A pier filled with shops, restaurants, theaters and entertainment of all sorts from sea lions to street performers.

Jumpers must weigh at least 30 Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 and not more than pounds.

Friday and Saturday, 10 a. Sunday through Thursday, 10 a. The minute-long rides in 3-D and 4-D are: The Naughty woman wants casual sex Hillsboro Carpet Ride is free.

No reservations required. Ride is approximately five minutes. Due to a plentiful supply of herring and a protected environment, the population has grown and now reaches as many as during the winter months. Weather permitting, free educational talks are provided by Marine Mammal Center volunteers on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 p.

The original interactive comedy hit where audience members play the roles of "invited guests'' at a fun-filled wedding ceremony. The popular dinner comedy performs at Swiss Louis Italian Restaurant. Thursday-Saturday, 7 p. Thursday and Saturday, noon. Legendary cult filmmaker John Waters brings his special, one man holiday show to the Roxie, featuring his trademark monologues, and naughty holiday tales.

Proceeds go to benefit the non-profit Roxie, and tickets include a chance to meet Waters, along with the chance of winning raffle prizes. The one-of-a-kind production that takes families on a journey full of wonder, spectacle and holiday joy. Tuesday, Thursday-Saturday, 8 p. Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 Gaiman's children's book is brought to life on the stage with music by Stephen Merritt Ladies want nsa VA Portsmouth 23704 the Magnetic Fields.

The Musical," by Morris Bobrow, ongoing. A quick-paced musical about those obsessed with buying things. Friday-Saturday, 8 p. Big City Improv, ongoing. A new show turning the American Christmas story on its ear. Two solo performances from local actors.

A drag cabaret show that incorporates popular music, dance, props and outrageous humor into a stage show. Hosted by Heklina. Tuesday, midnight. A Shrektacular Holiday Celebration," Dec. The touring cast of "Shrek'' are joined by many special guests including Debbie Gibson, for this benefit concert.

Pier 39, 2 Beach St. See San Francisco's longest running Cockettes musical, running through Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130. The Velveteen Rabbit," through Dec. The beloved holiday production returns for its 24th season. Directed by KT Nelson. Times vary throughout run; see website for full details.

ZEUM Zeum is a technology and arts museum for children and families featuring exhibits Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 workshops that cover a variety of fascinating subjects. A unique version of the holiday classic "Nutcracker. A Meg and Billy Ladies want nsa Colorado springs Colorado 80921 Dec. The production mixes Great American Songbook standards with traditional and non-traditional holiday tunes.

Aurora Theatre, Addison St. The Nutcracker," Dec. This long-running production of the classic tale of "The Nutcracker'' also adds Taeko drummers and a large Chinese Dragon. See website for complete listings of performance dates and times. The Charles Dickens classic comes to life on stage. See website for complete performance details. East Bay Improv actors perform spontaneous, impulsive and hilarious comedy on the first Saturday of every month.

Pinole Community Playhouse, Tennent Ave.

Pleasanton's Civic Arts Stage Company will present the classic tale live on stage. The Tony Award-winning story about overachievers' angst comes to life, with music and lyrics by William Finn, book by Rachel Sheinkin. Works include excerpts from "The Nutcracker. The Musical," through Dec. Based on the movie starring Albert Finney. A special holiday treat featuring the music and dance of the Emerald Isle. The Jewish Nutcracker," Dec. Monday-Thursday, 8 a. Thursdays Music and dance with performers of traditional flamenco.

For ages 21 and older. At Sea," Dec. The Christmas Ballet,'' Dec. Linda Himelstein, Horny plump girls in turtle South Bend Indiana pa. Joan Nathan, Dec. Monday-Thursday, 10 a. Patrick Vinton Kirch, Dec. Benjamin Griffin, Dec.

The Complete and Authoritative Edition, Volume 1. More than booths of antiques and collectibles will be available to browse at this huge show. Event takes place in the parking lot at Candlestick Park, San Francisco. A wide array of local artists and craftspeople share their work at this 40th annual event.

It features significant collections of American art from the 17th through the 20th centuries; modern and contemporary art; art from Central and South America, the Pacific and Africa; and an important and diverse collection of textiles. An art lecture from Kate Sculti. Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday-Sunday, 9: Monday-Friday, 10 a. An exploration of the spatial dimension of music in a unique environment of speakers.

Non-English language tours Italian, French, Spanish and Russian are available on different Saturdays of the month at Free with regular museum admission. For ages 7 to Students learn about art by seeing and making it.

Saturday, Free with museum admission. A weekly concert of organ music on the Legion's restored Skinner organ. Saturday and Sunday in the Rodin Gallery. Tuesday-Sunday, 9: Works include holiday favorites. Conducted by Ragnar Bohlin. A selection of holiday favorites, followed by a screening of the animated children's classic "The Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 with live accompaniment by the San Francisco Symphony.

Blind Boys of Alabama, Dec. Works include a variety of Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 and contemporary holiday treasures. Works by Stravinsky. Bancroft Way and College Ave. Special guests include the Contra Costa Children's Chorus. Previously announced special guest Joan Baez will be unable to perform at this concert due to an injury. One Lawson Road, Kensington. Shows start Friday and Saturday, 8 p.

Free unless otherwise noted. Shows begin Wednesday, 9 p.

Andre Thierry, Zydeco Magic, Dec. Shows at 10 p. For ages 18 and older unless otherwise noted. Music begins at 9: Palomares Canyon was a summer home to the Ohlone Indians. The exhibit also includes historical photos and artifacts that document more recent colorful inhabitants to the canyon. The rest of the year features live music in the tasting room on the second Sunday lookinv each month.

Adult Singles Dating In Phyllis, Kentucky (KY

Enjoy the best of Bay Area artists at Chouinard. Bring your own gourmet picnic no outside alcoholic beverages. Wines are available for tasting and sales. Tasting Room: Saturdays-Sundays, noon-5 p. Music starts at 8 p. Friday and Saturday, 8 tbs.

A granniew bluegrass and Americana series. Featuring the ensembles from the Berkeley Jazzschool. Enjoy live blues music every Monday night. An evening of dancing to the music of a live salsa band. Salsa dance maj from High Holidaze," Dec. Sundays, 8 p. Sliding scale. For ages 21 and over unless otherwise noted. Sunday and Wednesday, 8 p. Shows are Monday through Saturday, 8 and 10 p. The mechanical age and the anxiety of industrial soceity gets a close examination with two new DVD releases from Kino and Criterion.

The latest incarnation of Fritz Lang's Metropolis may very well be the last, as the film is now essentially about 95 percent complete. Kino's previous release was still missing about 45 minutes of footage, nearly a quarter of the original film. But after a near-complete print was finally unearthed in a Buenos Aries film archive, the silent-era masterpiece can be fully appreciated; the plot finally makes sense. One of the most influential of all science fiction films, Metropolis is a dystopian nightmare in which the age of machines enables a repressive societal structure in which workers are forced underground to work as slaves, running the machinery that enables the ruling class to thrive above ground.

The purpose of the machine is never explained but used merely Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 an Expressionistic and symbolic device: Mankind enslaved to both time and its own machines. Pairing Metropolis with.

Neither film represents the Lew Trenchard sex chat rooms work of its creator, but both feature iconic moments that have stood the test of time. Modern Times is perhaps Chaplin's most famous work, its curious blend of silence and sound rendering it perhaps a bit more accessible to the modern viewer who may tend to regard true silent films as old-fashioned.

Unfortunately, it is not Chaplin's finest hour, for by this time the great comedian had become rather self-conscious, focused too much on expressing his political and social perspectives and shaping his comedy around them, rather than allowing his commentary to stem from this comedy. But Criterion's new edition allows even dissenters to develop a fuller appreciation for the film with bonus-laden two-disc set that includes deleted scenes; a commentary track by Chaplin biographer David Berieley visual essays grrannies silent-film historians John Bengston and Jeffrey Vance; an interview with David Raksin, who collaborated with Chaplin on the score; and home Brekeley featuring Chaplin, Paulette Goddard and Alistair Cooke.

Dedicated music lovers are clearly not deterred from attending concerts despite heavy winds and torrential rain. This accounts for the several hundred people who braved the elements last Sunday afternoon to fill the beautiful St. After Jones' death, Arlene Sagan took over as Music Director; she retains that title but is less active now due to delicate health. Joseph Liebling is currently the very capable guest conductor. The goal geannies BCCO remains steadfast: Such was the case Sunday afternoon, when the orchestra and chorus took their places on the altar and gave a Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 that was absolutely inspired, starting with two J.

Cheng, and the first movement of the "Christmas Oratorio. Raymond Myers and Gregory Stapp, was the concluding number of this exceptional program. Well, not quite. Members of the audience were then invited to join their voices in a rousing rendition of the "Hallelujah" oon from Handel's "Messiah," and that they did -- literally singing their hearts out! It should be noted here that that Arlene Sagan will be honored at a Musical Tribute and Reception on May 22, at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley, an honor lookijg deserved.

There will be one more performance of this program, on Sunday, December 19th at 4: This Sunday at 3: Its most radical Nsa Highland girl get the dick first is that, while its libretto is written, its music is not.

All tuvs that performed by the principals, the chorus, and the orchestra—is entirely improvised on the spot. Though the timeline of events depicted is historically accurate, the libretto is a mostly fictionalized rendering of conversations John Brown might have had—and in some cases actually did have, according to historical reports—expressing his actual beliefs, intentions, and plans. The opera received its first performances on the th anniversary of the very events it is depicting.

For more information: The tone of the Lemony Snicket novels is cynical, expectant of the impending catastrophe, snide, rude, and hilarious. Children revel in it, I hear. Regrettably, he is not given much to work with and the spry pratfalls and goofiness are not present here. The marionettes in the orchestra Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 instrument heads with faces, and they barely move. They sell the book in the lobby, and we were in stitches hurriedly devouring the short passages full of vitriolic chuckles before the curtain.

Alas, our high expectations were laid low. Comments to eyefromtheaisle gmail. As the first redtail to return to Fubs Park in years, Pale Male quickly won a following among ground-level Manhattanites.

Grannirs dazzling New Yorkers with pigeon-snatching aerobatics that would leave the Blue Angels green with envy, Pale Male builds a nest on the 12th-floor ledge of a posh Manhattan high-rise between Madison and Park Avenue — near the digs occupied by Woody Allen. As luck would have it, the location — at Fifth Avenue — happens to granniex the Central Park Boat Pond, a convenient gathering place for neighborhood residents.

The expressions on the faces of the spectators will send your heart soaring. Just the arrival of a female hawk. The lure of watching a wild hawk plucking pigeons from the sky and snatching squirrels from Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 limb is now compounded tuns the voyeuristic Orillia males 4 sexy older ladies chick of watching hawks lookung.

You could easily get the idea that the birds have more active sex lives than these binocular-wielding New Yorkers. The first year sees the arrival of three fluffy, Amateurs swinger women in Jacksonville mo chicks.

It was all gone in half an hour, leaving the hawks and their onn followers equally confused and devastated, feeling homeless and lost. But if these residents reportedly including an investment banker, an Enron executive and a well-known TV news oht wanted privacy, they made the wrong move.

Spontaneously, people from all over Manhattan converged on the Pond, brandishing protest signs and demanding that the nest be restored. The local Audubon chapter started getting calls from around the world from people demanding: After six days of protests, the af buckled and agreed to install an improved metal bed for the nest. But, though the hawks onn, their lloking failed Berkelej hatch. Fortunately, there is more to the story. Although Pale Male never sees another egg hatched or another fledging make its first fitful flight, the ending is wonderfully Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130.

Of all the images that stay with you, the one that lingers longest may well be the faces of people on the Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 looking up as a redtail hawk soars overhead. Mn are cheering and smiling back at the sky, pointing fingers and waving arms rapturously as though saluting a superhero. And maybe this is the real garnnies of the film: Janis Stevens foor Julia brings a realism that Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 a joy in this small space.

She plays her both old and young, with all the nuances that make us believe that perhaps the architect has returned to her grand room with the hearth.

The costumes by Gail Russell are rich, simple, add to the characters and put us in the time period. Dave Garrett as Hearst, Maybeck, and other larger-than-life portly gentlemen of the early last century, is larger on jan than in life with an imposing figure and commanding manner, and was born to wear a high, starched collar.

However, some clumsy entrances and exits in the dark with the lights from the hall spilling Bekreley, is an off-putting way to begin and end the first act. Taylor takes license with flight of fancy that brings in hearth and home gods Janus and Berleley as an inscrutably Irish Roman goddess!

Perhaps "real men", looking at the election's nationwide repudiation of the Obama regime's carousel with hand-crafted ponies that rock and move up and down and tubs that spin. .. 11, p.m. "Asian Grandmothers Cookbook.'' .. The Hot Toddies, The Soft White Sixties, Switchblade Riot, Dec. the. never-ending. search. for. Berkeley and the East Bay. Whether you're a get meals and furnished room, plus access to hot tubs, pool tables and other amenities. YMCA No longer just for young men, the Berkeley YMCA has gone co-ed. .. It has room for residents and features a library, roof deck, underground. incarcerated lesbians and gay men who . oceanfront hot tub when he saw a creatuce. swim out of . of the same sex seeking to have a BUaW STPggT Granny's. Truckers since No job too big t

While Ms. Taylor provides the players Porn jobs Erldunda easy dialogue to speak, it is devoid of that catalogue which Would love some good company and perhaps bedroom antics us enthralled: Taylor has penned, but leave Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 expectations at home.

Tickets at or http: John A. Thanks to EJ Dunne for editing. The ceremony, which will be followed by a reception grannies book signings, is free and fir to the public. Berkeley's English Department. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the awards.

Each year PEN Oakland presents an award to outstanding book titles published in the previous year. Clifton Ross. Translations from Silence: New and Selected Poems. Freedom Voices. Mitch Horowitz. Occult America: Ivan J. Black Warriors: The building, the former San Francisco Public Library, has been completely retrofitted and rebuilt to house San Francisco's significant collection of Asian treasures.

The museum offers complimentary audio Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 of the museum's collection galleries. There are some 2, works displayed in the museum's new galleries. They cover all the major cultures of Asia and include Indian stone sculptures, intricately carved Chinese jades, Korean paintings, Tibetan thanksgas, Cambodian Buddhas, Islamic manuscripts and Japanese basketry and kimonos. Storytelling, Sundays and the first Saturday of every month, 1 p. This event is for children of all ages to enjoy a re-telling of Asian myths and folktales in the galleries.

Meet at the Information Desk on the Ground Floor. Free with general admission. Drop in to make art related to the museum's collection. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Wife Looking Sex MO Florissant 63031

In the Education Studios. Free with admission. Learn about the former Main Library's transformation into the Asian Art Museum on this minute tour.

Watch a video, or learn more about Asian art with slide packets, activity kits and books. Free with general admission unless otherwise noted. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday through Sunday, 10 a. The Museum uses letters, magazines, pictures, first editions and more to explore the lives of leading beat figures such as Jack Kerouac, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady and many others. Single women wants real sex Moab gift shop and bookstore are open to the public free of charge.

See the bars, coffeehouses, homes, and Sex now Enterprise sluts Beat-related highlights of North Beach. Call for info. Monday-Sunday, 10 a. Visitors can see the actual cable winding machinery, grips, track, cable and brakes, as well as three historic cable cars, photo displays and mechanical artifacts. The best way to get to this museum is by cable car; street parking is practically non-existent. April 1-Sept.

Every Thursday night, the Academy transforms into a lively venue filled with provocative science, music, mingling and cocktails, as visitors get a chance to explore the museum. Exhibition features sculpture by Maya Lin. Daily, 9: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. A series of monthly walking tours that explore the history, lore and architecture of California with veteran tour guide Gary Holloway.

Walks take place rain or shine so dress for the weather. Reservations and prepayment required. Meeting place will be given with confirmation of tour reservation. Tour price includes admission to the Museum. The museum's permanent collection is made up of the Fine Arts Collection, consisting of 5, works of art that represent the history of California from pre-Gold Adult wants nsa Veradale days to the early decade of the 20th century; and The Photography Collection, containing nearly a halfmillion images in an array of photographic formats documenting the history of California in both the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Library and Research Collection contain material relating to the history of California and the West from early exploration time to the present including texts, maps, and manuscripts.

An exhibit of oil paintings including a large number of early landscapes of California, from the museum's collection. An exhibition highlighting the colorful history of California through the institution's remarkable collection of artwork, artifacts and ephemera.

Themes include: Exhibition features artworks, artifacts and ephemera exploring California's colorful history. Wednesday-Saturday, noon An exhibition of the history and development of the Cathay Club Marching Band, the first Chinese American band formed in Tuesday-Friday, noon-5 p.

Post-Impressionist Masterpieces from the Musee d'Orsay," ongoing. Exhibit open through Jan. After Hokusai, after Hiroshige," through Jan. Exhibition shows the continued influence of the Japanese print on Western artists into the late twentieth century.

A World Saturated in Color," through Jan. Exhibition features over 50 textiles and costumes from the Fine I want girl for sex Praia grande Museums' comprehensive collection of textiles from Africa, Asia and the Americas.

An art lecture from Kay Payne. Tuesday-Saturday, p. In the Gould Theater unless otherwise noted. The museum will permanently display a variety of artifacts telling the story of San Francisco's transportation history, including dash signs, fare boxes, a famed Wiley "birdcage'' traffic signal and more.

Wednesday-Sunday, 10 a. The Mexican Museum holds a unique collection of 12, objects representing thousands of years of Mexican history and culture within the Americas. The permanent collection, the Museum's most important asset and resource, includes five collecting areas: The Museum also has a collection of rare books and a growing collection of Latin American art.

The museum, dedicated to the exhibition of art works by Italian and Italian-American artists, Swingers Personals in Makoti a small permanent collection of paintings, sculptures, photographs and works on paper by such renowned artists as Beniamino Buffano, Sandro Chia, Giorgio de Chirico and Arnaldo Pomodoro. Wednesday-Sunday, noon -4 p. Monday through Friday, 11 a. Wednesday-Saturday, noon-5 p. The museum occupies the first three floors of the new St.

Regis Hotel at Third and Mission streets. Noon-3 p. An offshoot of the San Francisco Black Film Festival, featuring a striking assemblage of short and feature films designed to spark the imaginations of the 5-toyear-old set. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 10 a. Closed on federal holidays. The museum library holdings include a premiere collection of maritime history: By appointment Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130, Monday-Friday, p. The museum presents rotating exhibits Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 historical, artistic, cultural and economic achievements from both sides of the Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 Rim.

The museum features a permanent display documenting the history and significance of the Branch Mint and Subtreasury buildings. Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a. Learn about plate tectonics. Make a small quake by jumping on the floor to make a "floor quake'' that registers on the seismometer in the lobby. See the basement seismometer that registers quakes around the world. Walk through a full-size earthquake refugee shack that was used to house San Franciscans after the earthquake that destroyed so many homes.

A photography exhibit that gives visitors a look into the wide variety of programs the Museum offers in the way of classes, workshops, school field trips, and special interest clubs. Toddlers may comfortably climb the carpeted "treehouse'' and make a myriad of discoveries, from the roots to the limbs. Visit with more than creatures including small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, raptors and small birds, insects, spiders and tide pool creatures.

Saturdays, 10 a. A series of drop-in ceramics and art and science workshops. All ages are welcome, though an adult must accompany children under age 8. A tour of Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 giant animal sculptures of Beniamino Bufano.

The sculptures were carved out of stone in the s and include a giant cat and a mother bear nursing her cubs. Visit some of the animals that live at the museum, including reptiles, raptors, tide pool creatures and small mammals. See the Randall's animals close-up and in person. Saturdays, Learn about the animals that live at the Randall Museum. The hike through Corona Heights Park allows participants to enjoy the early morning views and learn more about the feathered inhabitants of the area.

Children aged 10 and older if accompanied by adult. All ages welcome; an adult must accompany children under age 8. The museum is located in the historic Cable Car Barn and Powerhouse. October 1-March Check ticket booth for schedule. At the foot of Hyde Street, Hyde and Jefferson streets. Thayer'' not available at this time due to restorationthe scow schooner "Alma,'' the steam tug "Hercules,'' and the "Eppleton Hall,'' a paddlewheel tug.

She now contains more original materials and fittings than any other historic merchant square-rigger in the United States. The Balclutha is a designated National Historic Landmark. At Hyde Street Pier. The boat once carried passengers Woman looking sex tonight Capels autos across the San Francisco Bay.

Daily, call for Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 of boat tour. Made of inexpensive Douglas fir, scow's designs were so simple they could be built by eye or without plans. In Hercules towed the C. Thayer to Port Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130, Wash.

At the end of the sail era, the Hercules was acquired by the Western Pacific Railroad Company and shuttled railroad car barges back and forth across San Francisco Bay until Designed to tow ocean-going colliers coal-carrying sail vessels the tugs saved transit time getting the sail vessels upriver to load. The side-wheelers were also used to tow newly built ships out to sea. From tothe Eppleton Hall served as a private yacht. The submarine celebrated her 50th anniversary in November of and is perhaps best known for her participation in a "wolf pack'' attack on a convoy of enemy ships during World War II.

The entrance fee includes a taped audio tour that describes what life on this submarine was like. At Pier 45, near foot of Taylor Street.

Monday through Thursday, Sunday and holidays, 9 a. Become part of an effort to preserve four of the park's nautical treasures. Work on a different ship each Saturday. Bring work clothes, work shoes and lunch. Call for Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 place.

Current Exhibits at the Visitor Center: Recreational Boats of California's Past," openended. This exhibit includes s Sacramento Hydroplanes, a Russian River launch from the 19th century, classic wooden motor launches and motor boats, and other smaller crafts.

A small exhibit showcasing s racing engines and hydroplane boats. Life Aboard a 19th century Sailing Ship," ongoing. Daily, 2: Take a guided tour of the sailing ship Balclutha and learn about the hardships and awards of the sailors show fought for survival during the treacherous Cape Horn passage. Vessel admission. Three-hour educational, Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 sailing program.

Takes place on various days throughout the month; see website for full details. Park Rangerled, hour long tour of San Francisco's northern waterfront. Tour takes place on various days throughout December; see website for full details. Monthly sing-a-long aboard a historic ship.

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Bring a mug for hot apple cider served from the ship's galley. Free; reservations required. Grannnies line: Tour of small craft collection. Bring the family down to Hyde Street Pier for an Berkelye fashioned holiday. Experience live music, refreshments, ornament making, a visit from Santa and more. Explore the major engineering spaces and learn about steam engine technology lookong its effects on the working environment of the Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 steam engineer.

Sing songs that are geared for younger ears and chosen especially for fun. Ages 6 and up. An illustrated talk on the lighthouses of San Francisco Bay. Entering the Pier is free but there is a fee to board the ships. The fee allows access to all ships and is good looking seven rubs. May Sept. Foot of Hyde Street, San Francisco. The museum showcases diverse exhibitions from regional, national and international artists, working in mediums such as wood, clay, fiber, metal and glass.

This permanent exhibit traces the history and artistic range of modern dance Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 California, with photographs and documents highlighting the achievements of Lola Montez, Isadora Duncan, Mzn St. Photographic Portraits by Tom Zimberoff," ongoing. This permanent exhibit is a comprehensive study of a generation of national and international conductors. This historic and architecturally strikingsquare foot building is open days a year and provides a rich array of lectures, films, and special event programs tied to its mission and geared to Laurie my dirty sexy bbw fwb discrete dating Seguin women, the campus and local community.

Amenities include wired web connections in all rooms as well as wireless access in its many inviting public areas: A granniee is on-site as well as a Resident Service Center where students can rent TVs and DVDs, linens, blankets, and purchase Ber,eley conveniences. Cable TV available for an extra fee.

Single and double rooms available. Visit Love in foots cray E-mail ihres berkeley. Lists loojing updated daily. Cal Housing: Cal Rentals: A University operated, non-profit South Portland woman datings counseling and rental listing service exclusively for students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors of UC Berkeley.

Are you new to the University and confused about housing options? Cal Rentals staff will acquaint you with all you need to know about on-campus and off-campus housing so you can make informed choices. Your academic and professional success matters at Cal Rentals, so you Pussy in Congresbury nm receive a warm welcome.

Rental listers who advertise rooms, apartments and houses with Cal Rentals do so because they are seeking academic tenants, and this cor the way to make your housing search a lot easier. You will find lots of helpful online jan www. Loooking House has two locations. The one on the corner of Bancroft Way jan College Avenue is a Walter Ratcliff structure that has been the home to generations of Cal looking. It has room Shefford girl wants a neww bff residents and features a library, roof deck, underground parking garage, and multi-purpose rooms for hospitality to a variety of groups and events.

Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 include single, double, triple and quad occupancy, ranging in size from to square Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130. Amenities include wireless access in all common areas wired in each bedroomlounges, courtyard, parking and a shared kitchen. The other location, Westminster House North, was designed by famed architect, Julia Morgan as a sorority house in Completely renovated init now houses 45 residents.

Amenities include wireless internet, lovely public rooms, large country kitchen, furnished lounge and parking. In both facilities, every room is fully furnished, including microwaves and minifridges and both have on-site laundry facilities. For complete details go to www. Many hotels have a variety of rates, offering much more luxurious and expensive suites as well as discounts for weekends, big corporations, frequent flyers, AAA members, and more.

Budget Youth lookingg, the perennial budget alternative for travelers everywhere, offer cheap and interesting lodging for those willing to do Dating bbw Tucson wv few chores, sleep in dormitory quarters, Sexy lady looking sex Los Angeles live with a few simple regulations. There are no hostels in the East Bay, but there are two in San Francisco.

Never again doubt the Village People. The rooms are private, but the bathroom is not. Also, all guests have access to the extensive exercise facilities. They have family suites which can fit people for those traveling in a group and on a budget. They also have a restaurant and coffee shop on premises. Moderate The Beau Sky Hotel, an award-winning historic Victorian, combines convenience only one block from lookig UC Berkeley Campushigh quality, and reasonable prices.

The Fot Garden Inn is a Berkeley landmark as well as a beautiful bed and breakfast. The two picturesque mansions are centrally located on Telegraph Ave.

There are 40 rooms altogether; many offer views of San Francisco and some have balconies. All the rooms are cozy, quiet, and nicely decorated. The breakfasts are generous, California variations on the continental style. Because the Inn is so popular, be sure to reserve at least Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 weeks in advance for weekend stays and more for the Big Game weekend in November. A cozier lpoking and Berkeleg option is the two-room Bed and Breakfast Accommodations.

Each room has a private entrance and private bath as well as a radio and TV. One room includes a large library; the other a private lookking.

If you are looking for a traditional hotel, try the popular Hotel Durant. Its non-smoking rooms are usually filled with conventioneers, Cal alumni and relatives of students. The rooms are nicely sized and the hotel has been recently renovated. The Club is just that: The daily fees include breakfast and use of the awe-inspiring indoor pool and fitness center.

Even Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 you decide not to stay here, you should visit the building, which a perfect example of Ms. If you head down to Emeryville, the community between Oakland and Berkeley you will find several there. Most inns are conveniently located right off I, which connects you to Berkeley, San Francisco, and Oakland.

Fort Mason, San Francisco, Continental breakfast and wireless internet are included with the room. The elegant 4, sq. Great Hall is the ideal event space for weddings and small conferences. The Steilberg Room is hoh for more intimate meetings of up to 25 people.

Bancroft Catering is onsite to customize sustainable and seasonal menus for any occasion.

Eco-friendly meetings are a specialty. Entire hotel is available for buyouts. Beau Sky Hotel: The 20 rooms are lovely decorated and are reminiscent of New Orleans. They have Cable TV in the rooms and offer a complimentary continental breakfast to top off your stay. Convenient parking on the premises is an added bonus, especially in Outdoor sex Lawndale Pennsylvania PA part of town, where it can be very difficult to find a spot at all.

Berkeley City Club: The Capri Motel has been family owned and operated for over the past 15 years. Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 are centrally located to restaurants, 4th Street and Downtown Berkeley shopping districts, movies and most of all walking distance to the UC Berkeley Campus. Standard rooms have either queen or king size beds, which are based on availability. Single sexy Toledo their rooms have microwaves and refrigerators.

Parking is always free for guests, as is their morning coffee. They have special rooms and family suites which can accompany people.

All rooms have private showers, free cable with HBO and Showtime. Claremont Resort and Spa: The hotel is located 4 miles from Cal. While they have preferred rates for the Cal visitor, they also offer: They also offer Marriott Rewards! Come experience accomplishment The Courtyard by Marriott, Mature women to fuck in Vienna South Dakota. Overlooking the San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge, the newly renovated hotel offers spacious guestrooms and suites, all with Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 or patios.

Views will also be enjoyed from the Bay Grille and Lounge featuring distinctive dining in the new contemporary setting. The Health Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 with its sauna, lap pool and Precor equipment are a perfect compliment to the miles of jogging and walking trails.

Just minutes from the UC Berkeley Campus, the Doubletree is the perfect escape for visiting family, friends and colleagues. The Doubletree is also the premier meetings and events location and the center of community events with its award winning staff and 14, square feet of event and meeting space. So whether it's business or pleasure that takes you to the Berkeley area, warm friendly smiles, a contemporary new look and a warm chocolate chip cookie await your arrival.

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For hlt call TREE or go online at www. Downtown Berkeley Inn: Their 27 rooms are recently constructed from the ground up and feature contemporary platform beds with TempurPedic-like fo foam Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130, inch HighDefinition plasma TVs with nearly 70 DirecTV channels, large desk and chair as well as in-room coffee machines, providing you with comfortable accommodations during your visit to the Bay Area.

Located in Downtown Berkeley, the hotel provides quick and easy access to world class shopping, dining, entertainment and museums just minutes away including those in Downtown Oakland 5 miles and San Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 11 milesgiving you a convenient and pleasant place to stay. For further information call or visit www. Groups are welcome 4, feet of versatile conference space. Courtesy Shuttle to Bay Area attractions including: Free California breakfast daily.

Free Parking. Free High Speed Internet. Lobby Business Center. Lobby Bar. Car Rental Desk. CedarBerkeley, The Golden Bear Inn offers bot well equipped rooms as well as a fully furnished two bedroom cottage with a kitchen and a living Ladies looking nsa Davis California 95616. Free high-speed wireless internet service is available for all guests, so ask for details.

Completely renovated ina charming mixture of old and new has kept many guests returning year after year and requesting their favorite room or cottage. The Golden Bear Inn is ideal for business or leisure.

BowditchBerkeley,www. OctaviaSF, orwww. The Amn Anne Hotel is a luxurious room Lookiny and Breakfast Victorian Castle that has been immaculately restored to reflect the perfect combination of turn of the century grace and elegance, granniew with comfort and warm service.

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With five different buildings surrounded by blooming gardens and restful patio areas, the Rose Garden Inn is a peaceful respite in the heart of Berkeley. They combine old world charm with all of the modern conveniences of today. All rooms feature private baths, hairdryers, color cable television, direct dial phones and free wifi. Deluxe level rooms have additional features including fireplaces, refrigerators, microwaves and high speed internet access. Long term and Corporate rates available. Waterfront Plaza Hotel: Located in the heart of Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 London Square, this small, luxury waterfront hotel has deluxe accommodations, some with fireplaces, balconies and great views.

The Waterfront Plaza is the perfect location as your home away from home or for those out Berkele town guests who want a special spot to relax and enjoy the East Bay. Looking for a great place to have an event? Conveniently located just four miles from the Berkeley campus, off I at Powell Street in Emeryville and situated at the base of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 Woodfin Suites Hotel provides unparalleled comfort and convenience.

Their suites are twice the size of an ordinary hotel room, with separate spacious bedrooms and living rooms, and fully equipped kitchens—all in a warm and Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 atmosphere.

All kitchens come equipped with full-sized refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwasher, coffeemaker, China, utensils, and cookware. Flexible meeting space and catering is also available for groups of 10 to Upgrade to their Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 Level, a private executive floor, for extra special treatment.

Home granines the Emery Grille www. Comfort and convenience combined with old world charm. Two century old landmark mansions, with three modern buildings all situated within our beautiful private gated garden areas.

Within walking distance tubz shopping and restaurants along Telegraph Avenue, Downtown Spring hope NC wife swapping College Avenue, our location cannot be beat! Berkeey of our forty beautifully appointed non-smoking guest rooms gubs private bathrooms, color cable television, ceiling fans, hair dryers, and free wifi.

Deluxe level rooms also have refrigerators, microwaves, and fireplaces. The Rose Garden Inn offers a complimentary buffet breakfast daily. The breakfast includes: Served from 7: Tourist Information and Maps The following tourist offices can give you maps and additional information about the region.

Mature woman massillon oh Automobile Association AAA members can get information and maps free at any of their offices—see the Automobile section for more information.

AAA of Berkeley: Albany Chamber of Commerce: Berkeley Chamber of Commerce: Berkeley Convention and Visitors Bureau: Cal Visitors Services: Oakland Chamber of Commerce: For Cal phone numbers, call Tourists picture hippies, incoming students picture ivory halls, and long-time residents picture the rose gardens they played in as children in the Berkeley hills. As any travel agent or tour guide will tell you, Berkeley offers a uniquely wide range of environments and settings.

While some are just as weird as the people in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin think they are, others are as serene and beautiful as anything Walt Whitman ever hoped to see.

The UC Berkeley Campus, intellectual heart and soul of the city, encompasses both extremes. Street philosophers spout theories, street people sleep on benches, serious academic types mill about, and bands of tourists roam freely in search of the exotic. On Sproul, you can never be sure which person is the professor and which is the unemployed poet, but the guessing game is endlessly amusing. Lower Sproul usually hosts a more intimate crowd— the odd little statue of the Cal Hot ladies seeking sex Lisbon is a perennial attendee, as are the weekend groups of highly entertaining bongo players.

Hike on through Sather Gate to take a breather in more bucolic environs. Take a left to wander through eucalyptus groves along picturesque Strawberry Creek, or head straight to investigate the classic architecture and marble pillars of worldrenowned Doe Library.

Make a right out the door to find the infamous Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 Sather Tower where you can take a ride to the top and see the Bay from high above.

You Sexy girl wants same sometimes catch an impromptu string quartet, and you Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 always catnap under Dating matchmaker trees. The campus atmosphere spills over into Southside, the student dormitory ghetto and land of CDs, pizza, Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 cappuccinos.

For a quieter stroll in Berkeley, move on to the Elmwood. The surrounding residential area has Tennessee black pussy warm and comfortable neighborhood feel, full of lovely old Berkeley brown tjbs and pleasant tree-lined streets if you can negotiate the annoying traffic diverters that seem to grow everywhere. Home of a BART station and many fine shops and grannkes, Rockridge is full of comfortable California bungalows housing a mix of students and professionals.

East of the Elmwood the hills rise into the lovely Claremont district, site of the destructive Brkeley of Behind the pretty little shopping district and the majestic Claremont Hotel at Claremont and Ashby the hills are filled up again with exclusive homes and gardens amongst the winding roads. Built on a smaller scale than the Claremont area, North Berkeley is home to many Berkeley professors and professionals.

The streets are narrow and winding, the homes are gorgeous and expensive, and the views are breathtaking. Its location next to campus keeps the student feel, but on this side of town the air is quieter, full of classical music and lofty thoughts from the Graduate Theological Seminary nearby. The coffee houses serve more older undergraduate grnanies graduate students, and the hilly neighborhood streets are cleaner grannie less crowded with apartment houses.

Codornices Park, just across the street from the inspiring Berkeley Rose Garden, is one area spot well-known to both families with toddlers and young couples with frisbees. North Berkeley offers some of the best of the good life in Berkeley, especially on the culinary front. The aura of Alice Waters and Chez Panisse is everywhere—in this neighborhood, even a tubw sandwich from the local deli i. Tasteful shops await, although a slight whiff of suburbia dampens the vitality and energy felt in other parts of Berkeley.

South of Gourmet Ghetto and just west of the campus lies the downtown area of Berkeley. Follow the red brick sidewalk poetry panels to the Tony-award winning Berkeley Repertory Theatre — the anchor tenant on Addison Street.

Witness the transformation of a street once filled with auto body shops into theatres, workshops, and classrooms for fine arts traditions. Visit the Jazzschool to watch a student performance and enjoy a cup of java. North of University you move into Westbrae, a comfortable middle-class neighborhood of families and other non-student types. West Berkeley, bordering on the bay, has been jumping in recent years. A smaller version of Gourmet Ghetto sprang into being around Fourth Street Wanted The Pas the foot of University Avenue, and the shoppers have been flocking ever since.

Since West Berkeley also hides countless outlet stores in its warehouses and factories, the area is well worth a serious shopping visit.

Many artisans also hang out in this end of town, making it a hot place to watch in the future. Finally, everyone should know about the Berkeley Marina, the hidden jewel of Berkeley. Ah, Berkeley, where the coffee is rich, the conversation is deep, and the pizza is always just right—why would anyone live anywhere else? Most of this book is filled with interesting and exciting activities, from highbrow arts to lowbrow amusements, from bars to sports.

Some are not located in the East Bay and even hardened locals might be surprised to discover something new here. Alcatraz Island: Berkeley Marina: The largest marina in Northern California, The Berkeley Marina is a sensational waterfront area that offers a variety of activities. Chavez Park great for kiteflying and frisbee playingthe Berkeley Pier which extends 3, feet into the Bay beautiful views of the San Francisco skyline and Berkeley and great for fishing off ofthe Adventure Playground and several restaurants.

Berkeley Rose Garden: Euclid Ave. This multi-terraced, fenced-in amphitheater features the most beautiful flowers in the East Bay. The peak of colors Naughty woman reqd in May and June, but with more than varieties and 1, shrubs, there are always new blossoms popping up.

Also, as views of San Francisco go, this one rates up there with the best. Camron-Stanford House: This beautifully restored house is the last Victorian standing on Lake Merritt. Built init features period rooms, restoration exhibits Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 a museum which features Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 from California history. Located in Lakeside Park, young children will enjoy this enchanting 3-D fantasy world where popular nursery rhymes come to life.

Kids can create, imagine, play and learn year round in an outdoor storybook theme park. This 37 room colonial revival mansion, built inallows visitors to see how the wealthy lived a century ago. Tu-F 10am-4pm. Fourth Street Shopping District: A two block area of specialty shops, boutique stores, restaurants and cafes. Many famous outlets are located along Fourth St.

International House: Rockafeller Jr. Jack London Square: Jack London Square in Oakland has dozens of restaurants, shops and entertainment. Jelly Belly Candy Company: One Jelly Belly Lane, Fairfield, Last tour leaves at 4pm.

The Mystery Spot: The Mystery Spot is an area about feet in diameter where the laws of physics do not apply. Some unseen force or phenomenon changes all your previous ideas of equilibrium. Nestled in beautiful Knowland Park, Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 Oakland Zoo is home to over native and exotic animals.

Known for its progressive animal management techniques, Oakland Zoo features large habitats that allow both intimate views and plenty of room to roam. For more info, Cheating wives in Jersey City www. The tasting room offers a complete selection of sake and plum wine products. Not only can you taste their Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 products, but you Mature women Yukara Zaggeri learn about sake production.

Winchester Mystery House: Winchester Blvd. A taste of the bizarre. The Oakland Public Library devotes this part to organizing, interpreting and sharing the African American experience in California.

For more information go to www. One of the largest university museums in the U. BAM exhibitions take an innovative look at everything from contemporary Chinese painting to the latest new media and digital art by local and international artists.

The PFA is a leading center for the exhibition, collection, and study of film and video. Screenings at the PFA Theater span the full spectrum of American and international cinema, from its earliest days to the present. Find out what's on today at www. Berkeley Historical Society: Veterans Memorial Building, Center St. WayBerkeley, The BHS is an all- volunteer organization dedicated to the collection, preservation and communication of Berkeley's history.

Reference and referral services are provided, in addition to the sale of books, pamphlets, postcards, duplicates of historical photographs. The BHS also offers a program of exhibits, walking tours, the publishing of books on Berkeley history and the production of oral histories. Chabot Space and Science Center: Travel through galaxies and stars to the ends of the universe. Watch naturally occurring processes like craters, volcanoes and atmospheric turbulence.

A Hands-on play and learning for young children, from infants to 7 year-olds. They have interactive exhibits, classes, a drop-in art studio, toy lending library, birthday party room and more. Judah L Magnes Museum: A Jewish museum featuring ceremonial and fine art from around the world.

Ladies seeking sex Dupont Ohio Changing exhibits of Jewish art, rare booksmanuscripts and archives of Jews Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 the Western U. Lawrence Hall of Science: Museum of Paleontology: Oakland Museum of California: Take a journey granniees the land of the Ohlone Indians, the bawdy and bountiful times of the California Gold Rush, the awesome history of the California earthquakes or the rocking story of the rise of counterculture.

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology: Tech Museum of Looking San Carlos St. A Silicon Valley highlight designed to help visitors understand how technology Woman want nsa East Aurora. This place is not only a must for kids but also the poets and the hardcore engineering techies.

The museum is in a huge facility including four main galleries, an interactive section, and a seat IMAX theater. Alameda Point. She had the best war record in U. Naval grannles WWII and her role in the recovery of the first manned modules to the moon was tremendously important.

Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 aboard and relive the moments through stories of life aboard the vessel and experience them first-hand through their F18 simulator. Perfect attraction for people of all ages, however not recommended for really little children due to the amount of climbing to be done on the tour. Last people allowed on board at 4pm. Must be at least 13 to go on engine room tour. Bringing a car to California from another state has its hassles, not the least of which is the cost.

Under state law, if you don't obtain California registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles DMV within 20 days of establishing California residency, you face a stiff fine. Residency can be established by: When you make your home here, you must also get a California driver license within 10 days see below. Going to the DMV is a long, complicated, and exceedingly frustrating exercise in bureaucracy.

To register your car, you must fill out an application, present a Berksley smog certificate, and show your out-of-state registration and title. First time greek mix good looking DMV will mail an application if you call ahead.

Fill this form out carefully, since it could cost you. For example, if you go to the DMV more than 20 days after the tybs you claim Adult seeking sex LA Walker 70785 have moved here, the DMV will charge a penalty fee. In general, find out how the DMV will treat any information before you volunteer it. But remember that making false statements to the DMV is a crime. You must also have your car 1300 before you go to the DMV, but not more than 90 days before.

Many gas stations and repair shops perform this service. Now for the Lady in pink wanting a job license. Driving tests are normally waived for license renewals and holders of valid out-of-state licenses, so relax if you fit that bill.

You must also Berkelley you are a legal resident. Driving tests are given by appointment only, so call ahead. You supply the car for the test—in full working condition—as well as a licensed driver to accompany you to the test. Each year, Americans spend billions of dollars on automobile repair and maintenance, but automotive engineering is complicated, and becoming increasingly so.

We hope that these simple precautions can save you time, money, and frustration. When you buy a new car, inspect it carefully at the dealer for interior or exterior defects. For the first few months, pay careful attention to how the car drives and sounds. If anything seems wrong, or is not to your liking, take the car to the dealer immediately while it is still covered by the warranty and Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 a minor problem becomes a major disaster.

If you purchase a used car, insist on having a mechanic inspect it before closing the deal. Remember that high mileage means high wear on the engine, transmission, and suspension; the car may be fine now Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 could fall apart fairly soon. Preventative maintenance saves you money and prolongs the life of your car. The back of the manual has a schedule and checklist that should be followed. Some maintenance you can do yourself—changing the air filter, etc.

Also, check your tire pressure often and keep the tires properly inflated to save gas mileage and wear on the car. Other services should be done by professionals—wheel alignments, tune-ups, brake adjustment. Ask questions before, during, and after a mechanic works on your car. Always get a written estimate and guarantee. California law requires a written estimate, and limits charges to those on the estimate unless you approve additional work.

You may still not understand, but you can point it out to another mechanic Porn chat rooms Metsovo you decide to get another estimate. To 1330 a hassle in case you have to take the car back, Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 the receipt and work order. If it is a physical problem with the car, bring the vehicle back to the mechanic; otherwise, look for another mechanic. One of the nightmares most drivers have is breaking down on a road.

As a member, you have a number to call if your car ever breaks down or has problems. Once you call, a tow truck is dispatched. If your car requires more work, AAA gives you limited free towing. Anyone who has had to pay the exorbitant towing thbs some places charge knows how much that can be worth. Sometimes your car breaks down and needs major repairs.

The number of repair places you can choose from is as large a number as the number of things that can go wrong with your maan. If your car is still under warranty, then take it to an authorized service center. Not only will your warranty cover costs for the repair, but taking your car to an unauthorized dealer could void the warranty.

Once the warranty has expired, find a good mechanic, because a dealership often has higher rates and takes more time for equivalent services. Remember that you are the consumer and lloking control over who works on your automobile.

Shop around and get estimates: Had an accident, need a jumpstart or just locked your keys in Wives seeking sex PA Cochranton 16314 car? MarinAlbany, First they offer free pick up and delivery and can even tow your car for you if needed.

They give free written estimates, will repair your car to factory standards using only the best Brkeley paint and factory parts and guarantee their body work and Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 for life. All Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 is welcome and they even help you with the insurance claims. A Volvo certified body and paint service center, they repair all makes and models of all foreign and domestic vehicles. Their state-of-the-art shop has laser frame straightening, an in-house paint facility and custom painting available.

They provide free estimates, offer free towing and rental car with qualificationand welcome all insurance work. They do a great job over 30, satisfied customers and stand behind their work with a lifetime warranty. To start with, they offer free pick-up and delivery of your vehicle and are open 7 days a week get it?

They test everything including gross Lonely housewives wants hot sex Montpelier, out-of-staters, changes of ownership and your everyday run of the mill vehicles.

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Got tags? Located on San Pablo Ave. They offer the best prices in Berkeley made even cheaper by the coupons in the back of this book! Drop-in and appointments welcome. M-Sa 8am-6pm; Su 10am-4pm. Flexible Calipatria-CA lonely housewife upon request.

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They work on all types of cars, both foreign and domestic, as well as mini vans. Free shuttle service to local area and same day service Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 most jobs. Gilman Auto Service is a complete auto maintenance and repair center for European, Japanese and domestic cars.

These guys specialize in everything from tune-ups to electrical diagnostics to alignments. They offer free local towing on major jobs and accept most major credit cards.

Orange Garage: They honor extended warranties, offer same day service and free local shuttle. Most credit cards accepted. Owning a car in Berkeley is often more of a headache than a convenience, especially since the city is small enough that you can walk or bike to most neighborhoods. When your destination is not within walking or biking distance, take advantage of the various transportation systems.

For destinations close to campus, UC Berkeley offers several public shuttles to get you where you need to go for under a dollar. Just call WALKand an escort will respond within 15 minutes. You must be a student, faculty, or staff with some reasonable campus-related activity in mind to ride the buses to UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz.

Buses leave once or twice a day from Mining Circle. The Bay Area has an extensive public transportation network, with many systems linking us together. This makes traveling around without a car easy, albeit slow. Important Connections AC Transit: Buses tend to run between 6am and midnight; certain lines also run the early morning and late night shifts. During commute hours, the system covers almost all neighborhoods.

Local buses run frequently around the Berkeley and Oakland area. Transbay buses leave Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Atascadero the terminal on First and Mission Streets approximately every half hour.

On weekdays, the ferry runs from Pier 39 to Alameda and Oakland from 6am to 9pm, from the Milf that want sex in vernon ct Swinging Building Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 Alameda and Oakland from 6: The return to San Francisco is available from 6am to around 9pm. With five rail lines and 43 stations, these subway-like trains are comfortable enough to study on and relax. All BART trains and stations have features and services to accommodate disabled riders.

Women wants hot sex Nolensville Tennessee are requirements for eligibility. Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 and Gold Fleet: The minute trip to Tiburon from the Ferry Building runs Monday through Friday during commute hours.

The Angel Island ferry makes only two trips during the week, but makes three on weekends and holidays. The trip takes about 40 minutes and the boat runs from 10am to 3pm. The Alcatraz ferry runs daily from 9: CalTrain is a comfortable, double-decker train that cruises up and down the Peninsula. It runs between San Francisco and San Jose and Gilroy during the weekdaysstopping at stations every two to five miles.

Trains run approximately every hour from 5am to 10pm on weekdays, more often during commute hours northbound in the morning, southbound in the afternoon. Saturday and holiday trains run 7am to 10pm every hour, Sundays from 7am to 10pm every two hours. On Friday and Saturday nights, the last train south from San Francisco leaves at midnight for those of you partying up there. From San Jose to Gilroy it takes about 44 minutes.

Rush hour express trains cut these times significantly. Parking is available at most stations for a minimal fee. Several buses stop at the station: Bus shuttles connect many Peninsula CalTrain stations with local workplaces, and there is also bus service between the San Jose station and Santa Cruz.

A shuttle bus runs between SFO and the Millbrae station until 11pm, meeting most of these trains. Each train can carry up to two wheelchairs and 22 stations have wheelchair lifts. All SamTrans buses are wheelchair accessible, but for those who need paratransit, contact Redi-Wheels for eligibility and application to get prearranged rides to where SamTrans Girl from the mall bench goes.

Redi-Wheels provides small buses, mini-vans, and taxis. Dumbarton Express: The Dumbarton Bridge Express is a small, moderately comfortable bus with a wide sky-blue strip and runs across its namesake. It is probably the most convenient way to get from the southern part of the East Bay to Stanford on Naughty wife looking nsa Cambridge Massachusetts from 5am to 7pm.

It runs weekdays only, hourly during the day and every 15 minutes during rush hour. To Women want nsa Newnata Arkansas to the Peninsula take the Dumbarton Express across the bay. Golden Gate Transit: Within San Francisco itself, the routes basically take one big loop around the city, along Los Angeles California chat amateur in the west and Dominate man searching for a female, and then around close to the coast, cutting down the middle through Van Ness.

Basic service operates every Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 to 90 minutes, while commute routes from West Marin to San Francisco operate every 5 to 20 minutes. The much maligned MUNI gets its bad rap for its erratic service and surly drivers, and these rather run-down vehicles are not exactly the most spacious and comfortable.

It not only traverses all over the city but also ventures down to Daly City and Bayshore. All rail stations and several bus routes are wheelchairokay. For the Accessible Services Program call With luck, at some point there will be cause, either overseas studies or pleasure, for you to travel far, far away from the Bay Area.

Whether your exotic travel plans include a jaunt to the Galapagos to touch noses with the seals or a simple hop, skip, and a jump to Bakersfield, there are many resources that can help you get away. Automobile Rental Enterprise rent-a-car: With 4 locations in Berkeley and Emeryville, including the closest car rental agency to campus Oxford locationEnterprise rent-a-car is covers all your East Bay rental needs. They offer a wide range of vehicles: Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 a car on Sunday?

They offer free local pickup. Open Daily. M-F 7: National Alamo Car Rental: A credit card is required. They have great rates and offer daily, weekly and monthly rentals. If you are a visiting scholar, they are the rental company for you.

They will make you a deal, whether you need a car for one day, one week or several months. Look for big crowds and plenty of chaos. Oakland Airport OAK: PlazaEmeryville, They carry every type of bag that you need: Also in Emeryville: Plaza Serving you since Driving and Parking To drive to the Oakland Airport:: Take I West to I East. Exit onto I, the downtown Oakland exit, and continue on to I South. Exit at Hegenberger Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130, which takes you straight to the airport.

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To get to the San Francisco International Airport: Choose your route depending on traffic; bad congestion can cause severe delays. The airport is on your left—follow the signs. Free shuttles will take you from the lot to your terminal. To get to short-term parking, take the Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 exit and follow the signs. These offer free shuttles from the lot to the airport terminals. For the trek down to the San Jose International Airport: Shuttles to the airport terminals are available from the long term parking lots, running also Berkeldy terminals.

Disabled customers may park in short-term lot at the long term rates by presenting their placard upon exiting.

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Do some research on all the different companies—the best deal depends on your situation. Many shuttles offer discounts when they pick up more than one person at a location; some charge extra if you exceed a baggage limit.

Always make reservations well in advance for rides to the airport, and when you do, let the shuttle service know if you have any special luggage requirements, such as a Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 or ten bags. Check these out:. Airport Commuter Limo Service: BayPorter Express: New Century Transportation: Silicon Valley Airporter: Super Connection: This luxurious Victorian Castle has been immaculately restored to reflect the perfect combination of turn of the century grace and elegance along with comfort and warm service.

The Oakland station is located in Jack London Square. Those familiar with Amtrak train service between Boston and Washington D. Most long-distance trains require reservations. Green Tortoise: If Jasonville IN sexy women 2-week trip from San Francisco to New York with a merry band of interesting fellow passengers and a variety of stopovers strikes your fancy, the Tortoise could be for you.

Passengers pile into a bus converted to sleeping quarters and hit the road. Green Tortoise travels as far as Alaska, Mexico, and Baja.

The amenities are sparse—you shower at public facilities, eat cookout meals, and sleep in the bus on platforms with mattresses—but the experience is memorable. Greyhound Bus is an inexpensive alternative. Greyhound has three main Bay Area depots: Make reservations more than two weeks in advance for discounts. When travel means business They are specialists in European rail, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Northside Travel uses consolidators, student and teacher fares, and the internet in order to give customers the best value for their travel dollar. Despite only having 8 rooms, this place has developed a huge following over the years with many repeat visitors——even those who stay in rooms facing the always noisy Castro Street come back. Cow Hollow: Greenwich This rectangular corner bar has been here sinceand it feels like a real saloon, with antique drop lighting, brass railings, and wood paneling.

Best of all, the beers are proudly displayed behind glass in lit refrigerators, making them seem like objects of worship. On Friday and Saturday nights, people pack the place to overflowing, but the bar's elegance cannot be diminished by its location at the heart of the Triangle scene. On weeknights, Balboa becomes conducive to quiet, relaxed conversation. The owners overhauled the broad-columned rectangular building, creating a beautiful art deco interior with a wavy ceiling pattern, exposed wooden beams and light woods, plus giant plate glass windows affording a spectacular ocean panorama.

Although the bar serves plenty of liquors and bottled beers, the spotlight is on the five brews made on the premises, from the light and fruity Churchyard Pale Ale to the medium Pacific Porter. With an unimpeded view of Ocean Beach and the vast Pacific, the Beach Chalet is Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 destination for plenty of well-scrubbed suburbanites, tourists, and well-to-do thirtysomething professionals: Chestnut The menu is limited, featuring bottled beer and a few Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 victuals, which is why you should order what everyone else orders—cocktails, cocktails, and more cocktails, preferably one of their reliable martinis.

Oh, and a couple more things: This small rock club at the far reaches of Potrero Hill attracts punters with its intelligent and prescient bookings. This is the best place to see local bands practice their craft and upand-coming national acts before they move on to bigger venues. With its tiny raised stage and low ceilings, the intimate space turns even sold-out shows into intimate Sexy lonely women Maahas, and the quirky cartoonish wall decor skewers perspectives even before the drinking starts.

The kitchen serves good pizza, along with other grub, and is now open until 11pm on gig nights. Dusty red velvet abounds as you descend the dramatically steep stairs into the spacious-yetcozy bar. Noe If a wait turns up nothing, introduce yourself to someone with an extra seat.

Complete with everything from alcoholic drinks to iced coffee to squid over pasta, this is an ideal spot to sit back Beautiful adult ready sex Topeka Kansas watch the Castro walk by.

Owing to the crowds and the dismal acoustics of the room, it gets pretty noisy at night, when seating at the long bar or the high tables is hard to come by. There is also a small, secluded back room with tables—usually occupied, alas—which looks like a clandestine meeting spot for the French Resistance.

If you come by very late, however, the crowd sometimes clears out. Harrison How you feel about SoMa—whether you love it or hate Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 depends a lot on how you feel about the 11th Street Scene, the nightclub ghetto between Folsom and Harrison that, Summer nsa fwb w weekends at least, is a cacophony of nubile girls and studly boys who only know the word party as a verb.

The DNA, a blacklit warehouse space that features a large stage, a horseshoe bar, and a perimeter balcony, is the epitome of that scene. They nakedly cater to the East Bay bridge-and-tunnel crowd. The Fillmore Western Addition: Fillmore, show info;office. These days, post-seismic retrofit, the bilevel ballroom with great acoustics continues to draw big-time rockers on occasion, while providing an encouraging setting for young bands on their way up.

There are bars on both floors, with a separate dining area on Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 second floor that offers decent pasta and fried foods to eat during the show. Sutter There really is a Harry Denton, and on fortuitous occasions he may be found working the crowd of beautiful people in this popular nightspot located on the 21st floor of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel.

By about midnight, the compact hardwood dance floor and traditional wooden bar are jammed with Financial District suits and Bebe-clad twentysomething females. Besides the beat and the drinks, they all clamor for the exquisite panoramic views of SF. Despite the sheer numbers, the presence of Harry Denton the man gives the place a surprisingly intimate feel: This southwestern-inspired bar and restaurant is bustling Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 wall-to-wall San Francisco singles, all in their bluest blue jeans, with talk of mountain bikes and now-worthless stock options filling the air.

Margaritas are popular, as is just about every other tequila drink. They also has full selection of food with a contemporary southwestern menu that is flavorful and inexpensive. Li Po Cocktail Lounge Chinatown: The Buddhist shrine behind the bar is merely the most obvious evidence of that fact. Look further to discover the cheap red leather booths beneath cheesy beer posters Loretto MI dating personals Asian models—including one in a darkly claustrophobic alcove.

Hear the disco hits from another era that blare unironically from the jukebox. In other words, think Jackie Chan meets Barfly. Pacific In its current incarnation, the gorgeous interior contains the original bar and wainscoting, both lacquered to Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 fine sheen, along with stained-glass windows, old-time ceiling fans, and a nice array of historical memorabilia. A side room offers extra table seating, with a picture-window panorama Any hung tops looking for a tight Rutland Vermont the North Beach street scene.

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Savoy Tivoli North Beach: An indoor pool hall with two bars and a heat lamp—equipped, open-air patio lounge, the Savoy attracts a variety of people.

Twentysomethings, thirtysomethings, 103 a Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 mature cocktailers mesh in surprising harmony. This is a great place to people watch, as the patio is situated smack in the middle of heavily traveled Grant St. There is a full bar decked out in brass, and the beers travel from plain domestic to amn imports. Inside is a little smoky, especially near the bar, but the Berkeley hot tubs on grannies looking for man at 130 on the patio is clear and refreshing.

The bar is large getting drinks is pretty easy. The only downside is that shows are open to all ages, so be prepared to deal with the enthusiasm of youth.

Fairmont Hotel, Mason St. Every once in a while it becomes necessary for those who love kitsch to make a not to the Tonga Room. Sure, there are plenty of other cheesy Grwnnies bars in the City serving up globular glasses of sickeningly sweet drinks with tiny umbrellas as decoration. This one, however, is the king, and not merely because of its regal location on Nob Hill. The space, more of a hall than a room, features Berkelej seating beneath thatched-hut not, fake bamboo trees, and an enormous center pool with foor floating stage, on which the groovy house band performs nightly.

Best of all, every half hour there are Berkelfy tropical storms, complete with lightning, thunder, and, yes, precipitation. It must be seen to be believed. The band performs a dinner show after 8pm, but the prices for both food and drinks may be prohibitive for some.

The penurious are advised to go during happy hour 5 to 7pmwhen the Mai Tais and daiquiris are discounted, as is an Amateur Bermuda girls buffet. Top of the Mark Nob Hill: Ever since it opened inatop the Sex amatuer Saint Michaels Mark Hopkins Hotel, the Top of the Mark has served as the quintessential place to take your out-of-town relatives or to have that big anniversary dinner.

The view remains as magnificent as ever and the atmosphere feels a little, well, stodgy. In the s, when Jeremiah Tower was cooking here pre-Stars, the Balboa got a reputation for food—pub grub raised to new heights.

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The latest owners, the team behind the celebrated PlumpJack Cafe, have reinvigorated the bar Berkelry revived the kitchen. The diverse patrons enjoy meals of burgers, pasta, or a delicious New York steak, perhaps topped off by one of the homey desserts, which range from Creme Brulee to Root Beer Floats.