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Photo via Wikimedia Commons. February 22nd, whlte But inside Stadelheim Prison, located in the Giesing district of the city, a year-old German woman was 21 yr old white female to face a draconian punishment for defying the Nazi regime. At 5 PM, she walked calmly towards the guillotine.

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Today, Sophie Scholl is remembered across Germany as a legendary figure who fought the Nazis with the power of the written word, as well as one of the greatest women of the twentieth century.

Countless streets and schools bear her name, while public memorials keep the memory of the White Rose alive.

Much is made of Holocaust atrocities in school textbooks; less so the brave opposition led from inside the country. At the center of that resistance is the story of Scholl, a young 21 yr old white female who stood up for her convictions when most others were turning a blind eye. Sophie Scholl never intended to become a martyr for the greater good.

The intention was simple: Between andthe White Rose produced six radical leaflets calling for active resistance, revealing details of Nazi genocide, and laying out plans for a new order of parliamentary olv.

Scholl was to prove a valuable asset in helping spread the word of ffmale White Rose. Schutzstaffel officers were considerably less suspicious of women, which helped Scholl become an efficient carrier.

She posted hundreds of leaflets to people in Augsburg, stuck leaflets in post boxes around Stuttgart, and travelled by train in the dead of night to distribute copies in her hometown of Ulm. Meanwhile, the Gestapo became convinced that a large resistance network was operating all 21 yr old white female the country.

A special task force was established to track down the leaders of the White Rose—though it was unsuccessful, for a while. By the end ofthe White Rose had evolved from a small circle of courageous students into an organized anti-Nazi resistance group.

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Women at the time were expected to be building the Third Reich with babies, not dismantling it with resistance efforts. According to McDonagh: In the end, it was a small moment of impulse that led to the downfall of the White Rose.

On February 18,the Scholl siblings were distributing leaflets at their university campus. As the bell rang, Sophie threw her last stack of papers into the atrium below. okd

All it took was the word of a watching janitor for the pair to be marched away by the Gestapo. She refused and took full responsibility, even insisting that she receive the same punishment as her brother and their friend, Probst.

Freisler decided to make an example of the dissidents: All three were sentenced to death and executed only a few hours later. With her last breath, Sophie Femxle defended freedom: Despite the trio's deaths, a copy of the 21 yr old white female and final leaflet was smuggled out of Germany to the UK, where it was reprinted as The Manifesto of the Students of Munich.

In the autumn ofmillions of copies were dropped over 21 yr old white female by Allied planes. With two typewriters, one duplicating machine, and several stacks of newsprint, a small group of students showed that it is possible to resist monstrous tyranny and make your voice heard.

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As Bailey notes: Sign up for the best of VICE, delivered to your inbox daily. As the only woman co-founder of the legendary White Rose resistance group, 21 yr old white female Scholl spread anti-Nazi propaganda across Germany at the height of the Holocaust. Newsletters are the new newsletters.

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